We create innovative transport and logistics solutions to meet our customer’s logistics needs.
Reliable. Qualified. Cost effective and environmentally friendly since our core competence is Rail.
In Turkey domestically, and abroad internationally also!

We aim to push Rail Freight forward to gain a higher market share besides the other transport modes.
And why exactly are we doing this?
Because of more efficient transport solutions, ready to save our customer’s logistics cost? Yes, also.
To generate contribution to more beneficial CO2 discussion? Yes, correct.
To bring our contribution to a better environment: less pollution, less road traffic, more safety on our highways? Yes sure, we’re committed!
Thanks to our long term domestic and international railway freight transport expertise and worldwide network we provide the best service options for you:

Freight Forwarding Solutions & Tailored Logistics
Optimized Route Planning & the Right Modal Mix (Rail/Road/Sea..)
Domestic & International (Rail) Freight Transport Solutions
Transit Transportation – 3rd Country Transportation
In Rail Freight: Planning of Customer’s Asset Need & Consistent Fleet Management
In Rail Freight: Rolling Stock Supply, Providing all kind of Railway Vehicles, Wagons, Locomotives..
Loading & Unloading Services
1st and Last Mile Transports Organizations
Local Services, Issuing documentations, Customs Procedures etc..
Obtaining Required Permissions / Approvals / Licenses / Certifications