Multimodal Dangerous Goods Transports;

Transportation of dangerous goods in the logistics sector is subject to many standards and rules. The standards for vehicles, drivers, tanks, packaging, equipment and documents have been established in the framework of the national regulations prepared within the scope of ADR in which Turkey became one of the contracting state in 2010. Following these regulations and the rules, the transportation of dangerous goods can be managed with maximum efficiency without harming people, property and the environment

Thanks to our long term expertise in the field, LinkinBiz creates a powerful, result-driven platform for domestic and international freight transportation which delivers custom-tailored logistical solutions and possesses a wealth of expertise in the transportation of dangerous goods, where safety is of the essence
We have a perfect understanding of the regulations associated with the multimodal transport of dangerous goods, and provide our customers all kinds of solutions for the transportation of dangerous goods by road, railway, sea and air. On a daily basis, our security advisers check to ensure that the rules and regulations have been respected and the documentation conforms to requirements, and we also advise our customers to ensure that any risk of non-compliance is avoided.
With Linkin
Biz, Your cargo is in safe hands….