We offer a bridge position, linking our clients to create synergies which allow them to generate excellent business opportunities in both domestic and international Markets

The Turkish Market will interact more with Markets from abroad in the future. Turkish Companies are keen to find and capture new Markets abroad 
and Companies from abroad are eager to try the Turkish Markets. Thus we’re the right partner to attend these new clients along their path of getting started.

The main focus and our expertise is on Rail, being our core topic. Rail Freight in Turkey is offering tremendous growth opportunities. Coming from a very low Market Share, Rail Freight has been considered as a main leverage in Turkish Transport Market by the overall Transport Sector.
We, as LinkinBiz utilize our bridge position by linking new clients to the Rail Sector.

By holding a bridge position, we allow our clients to explore excellent business opportunities to realize their ideas in Turkish Market and abroad. We help our customers to gain a much deeper understanding of market opportunities, existing customers, prospects, competitors, industry trends, environmental or regulatory requirements and risks..

Accurate market research is essential for every business or marketing plan. Our studies gathers solid, factual, defensible information that is relevant to our clients’ company’s niche.. We combine quantitative and qualitative market researches, altogether it gives a balanced and accurate picture to our customers.

To find the way we offer our clients;
Market Feasibility Studies
Market Research & Evaluation, Marketing Concepts
Realizing Market Access in Turkey & Abroad
Market Development
Promoting Products to the Markets and Sales Activities
Sustainable & Reliable Support in Technical, Legal & Financial Topics


Local Representation
Flexible Management Capacity
Running all Procedures with Authorities
Establishing Customer’s Entity or Branch
Acquisition Support
Providing an Official Company Address
Office & Local Services